Young Cannes Lion Award

Everyone in the creative industry knows this award show.

So there was an open call for Young creatives (18-30 yers old) across the globe to think about a creative sollution for encouraging people to waste less food and contributing to ending world hunger at the same time. So in less then 48h, PITTEVILS.COM joined the competition together with Frieke Trompet, to to create a 90 second film and a 500 word description explaining our idea.

Strategic approach.


Everywhere we go we are surrounded by food. To us, food is about cosy evenings, dinner dates and barbecue nights with friends. It’s a whole experience. We even create memories over food, because having a good time together is often linked to enjoying a good meal. This obviousness about food leads to more food waste. And that is also clear in the numbers: we waste around 1/3th of all food made for human consumption. That’s problematic because at the same time 135 million people live in severe hunger.


One of the biggest problems is that even today, food shopping isn’t tailored to the needs of a one-person-family. And if you know that there are about 1,6 billion singles worldwide, you get a loooot of food waste. So, as a single you do not only end up wasting a lot of good food, you also spend most of your nights eating alone. And that’s a pity because (if you ask us) food is meant to be shared.


So… what if we could turn these lonely nights into a shared food experience and contribute to less food waste at the same time?


Insight: Wasting less food is the start of a new food experience.

Target: Young singles, aged 18-35, living in urban areas.

Idea: Make Love, Not Waste.



Make Love, Not Waste.


We create a dating app that matches singles not on appearances or interests, but on their food leftovers. When yours and another subscriber’s leftovers make a delicious recipe, you match! You can download the recipe and chat with your match to pick a date and start cooking together! The app makes it easier for singles to meet new people in a casual and accessible way, because your first date will not take place in some random bar having an awkward conversation but will be about cooking your own romantic dinner with leftovers! We provide them with step-by-step recipes from our partner chefs. Not into a date? You can also download the recipes linked to your ingredients or get access to tips and more information about WFP.





As a kick-off we do a big PR stunt, creating a new restaurant experience where your home brought leftovers will be turned into an amazing dish by a professional chef. All profits go to WFP. When we launch the app, we set up a collab with singles and food influencers to promote, test it and gain awareness for WFP. We also include supermarkets in the idea: when you decide to Make Love, Not Waste you get discounts on some drinks or other final ingredients to finish-off your date. Together with WFP can also try to co-create one-person-family food boxes, where part of the profit goes to WFP.  Make Love, Not Waste will be campaigned on social media and with online video and bannering. The whole launch will take place in October when people are spending more time back at home, and as a single that means: alone.



So… ready to Make Love, Not Waste?

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